A case of external ear canal ablation

Ablation of the external ear canal in a cat as treatment of external ear canal adenoma. Ablation of the external ear canal is a surgical procedure to remove affected tissue as a tretment for chronic but untreatable ear infection, or ear canal neoplasia like ceruminous gland adenomas, or malign adenocarcinomas, as well as inflammatorypolyps, papillomas and squamous cell carcinomas in cats and dogs. The pricedure is more frequently needed in dogs than in cats, as dogs more frequently expirience complex ear infections due to long, floppy ears. Cats are more prone to external ear canal neoplasms than dogs. The drain is placed in the ear to allow the drainage especialy if tympanic bulla osteotomy is not performed, like in this clinical case. If complete removal of the tumor is not possible, radiation and chemotherapy may be recomended to treat the remaining tumor cells.

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