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  • The campaign might end without prior notice.
  • The prizes might change without prior notice.
  • The prizes will be awarded at VetScope's discretion.
  • Posts of poor quality might not be awarded points. The points are awarded at VetScope's discretion.

Lounge rules:

  • Do not submit or comment content that is offensive, accusative, discriminative or criticizes any individual, animal clinic, product or manufacturer.
  • Critical opinions on companies and products should be made while providing factual reasons. When opposing an opinion, please respect the opinion and do not use inflammatory or foul language.
  • Refrain from listing any adverse reaction, adverse event or side effect information other than that which was published in a thesis, through a medical association or by the manufacturer.
  • Do not sell or purchase any products or medical devices on VetScope. Do not post links to other websites with the purpose of selling or purchasing any products or medical devices.

If any of the above rules are violated or there are multiple reports from other users, the content may be deleted without any prior notice or at the discretion of VetScope.