Cat’s swollen fingers with possibility of lung-digit syndrome

Animal Cat
Age 10
Breed Mixed
Gender Spayed Female

I found a mass on the cat’s finger. This cat was seen in a regular clinic due to the injury on the left front leg for a month, but it did not show any improvement on the legion despite the administration of Amoxicillin, Orbifloxacin, and Cefovecin sodium. The tip of the fourth and fifth fingers on the left front leg was swollen and festering, the skin there was necrotized, and it was easy to debride. The legion was confirmed on the lung as well in an X-lay photograph, I am also suspecting lung-digit syndrome. There is no problem with breathing. I have tried to test FNA from the swollen fourth finger, but I couldn't collect any effective cells, because the patient seemed so painful that the needle couldn’t be inserted deeply enough, and blood was mixed in. Therefore I am worried if a surgical procedure like finger amputation would be necessary for future treatment. The owner is positive about surgery, but if it was a lung-digit syndrome, would performing surgery only decrease the QOL of this patient? Also, what other things are needed in order to diagnose?

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