We’re VetScope, an online educational and communication platform for veterinary professionals.

VetScope is a community where veterinary professionals can come together to talk about cases, learn from each other, and help each other. We work together to educate and empower professionals all over the world. We want to see a world where every animal patient, no matter where they are in the world, gets the best veterinary care available.


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  • Ravi TolwaniDVM, PhD

    VetScope is an experience for Veterinary Practitioners. Search, view and learn from our library of content. You’ll find a lot of content on the web, but few are user-friendly. VetScope provides a stress-free user experience.

    VetScope Advisor, Associate Vice President of The Rockefeller University, Co-Founder of The One Health Company

  • Yuki OkadaDVM, PhD

    With information being easily accessible on the web, it becomes difficult to distinguish what is accurate and what is false. I believe that VetScope is gathering content from specialists that you can trust.

    VetScope Advisor, Former Assistant Professor at Nippon Veterinary Life Science University, Founder and CEO of Interseeds, Inc.


  • Yuta Fujimoto

    MBAFounder of VetScopeFounder of VetScope ChinaFounder of Vetpeer

  • Gaku Hiruta

    MBADirector of Business Development

  • Shiho Nakano

    Business Strategist

  • Conrad van Wyk

    Digital Specialist


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