Our advisors

  • Ravi Tolwani, DVM, PhD

    Advisor of VetScope
    Associate Vice President of The Rockefeller University
    Co-Founder of The One Health Company

  • Yuki Okada, DVM, PhD

    Advisor of VetScope
    Former assistant professor at Nippon Veterinary Life Science University
    Founder and CEO of Interseeds, Inc., (veterinary relief & educational services)

Educational content platform for veterinarians

VetScope is a platform where veterinarians can search and find the best educational material across different content providers.

Our technology

Our technology currently provides two cutting-edge solutions.

Our search engine retrieves the information that you need directly from the lectures.

360◦ VR capabilities allows you to see the entire operation room during surgical procedures.

We are evolving

Our engineering team is always analyzing new data.
As VetScope continues to grow, the more refined our search results and recommendations will become.