Glucosamine for prevention of arthritis in dogs

Glucosamine for Dogs to Prevent Arthritis *********************************** Glucosamine for dogs is commonly recommended by vets to help prevent arthritis and to actually slow down joint deterioration. What Exactly is Glucosamine ****************ik************** Glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate are called glycosaminoglycans (GAGs). Glucosamine is found naturally in large quantities in cartilage. It is composed of a sugar and an amino acid. As a building block of cartilage tissue, glucosamine is used by the body to make and repair cartilage. Glucosamine molecules are great shock absorbers because they have a low compressibility rate. Additionally, these molecules have the ability to absorb and hold water, making them an excellent joint lubricant. Supplements of glucosamine are mostly derived from chitin foundin the shells of shellfishsuch as the Alaskan king crab. Glucosaminecomes in the chemical forms of glucosamine sulfate and glucosamineHCI, both seem to work for arthritisin dogs. Glucosaminefor Dogs with Arthritis ********************************* Some vets (and dog parents) swear by drugs such asS NSAIDs when it comes to treating dog joint pain and arthritis. But understand that these drugs do not help prevent or slow down joint deterioration. By giving these drugs to dogs with arthritis (especiallyas a long-termtreatmentprotocol),you are doing more harm than good. Why? Because these drugs work very well in masking pain but do not address the root problem (joint deterioration). As a result, the dog will run the risk of Over-using the damaged joint (as he feels little or no pain), causing it to deteriorate further. On the other hand, glucosaminehelps with the creation of healthy cartilage. By supplementing our old dogs with glucosamine, we are basically providing the body with an essentialcomponentthat helps produce healthy cartilagecells to replace the damaged ones. By so doing, we are stopping the cycle of cartilageloss. OK. I know there are skeptics out there saying, Where's the proof? If you look at scientific research and studies, you wil find mixed reviews. Quite a few (such as this) say glucosamineworks, but others, such as this one that is a study on dogs, are inconclusive. But since glucosamine is safe and inexpensive, and there are lots of anecdotal reports by dog parents (including myself) and vets attesting to its effectiveness, wouldn't you give it the benefit of the doubt? Dosage of Glucosamine for Dogs ***************k******************** Supplements of glucosamine for dogs come in pills, liquid, powder, and chews. Many vets are of the opinion that they all work equally well. For oral glucosaminesupplements,daily dosages are as followsS:Body Weight Dosage 5-20 pounds 250-500 mg 20-45 pounds 500 mg 45-90 pounds 1,000 mg 90+ pounds 1,500 mg If possible, give the supplements separate from meals, and always start with high doses (e.g. if your dog is 5 pounds, start at 500 mg) to see if your dog shows good results. If you see improvement,scale back the dosage and see if the improvement can be maintained at a lower dose.