Abnormal swelling around bulbous glandis of a dog penis

3 years old dog was brought to the clinic with a history of dripping of urine, dysuria and urinating like a bitch ( sitting position ). Palpation of the abdomen reveals tensed bladders indicating that the UB is full, examination of the penile gland reveals swelling behind the bulbous gland. We tried passing the baby feeding tube into the urethra through the penile opening but was unable to do so, only around 6cm of the tube could pass through. Some obstruction could be felt at the bulbous gland where it was apparently swollen. So urine sample was collected by cystocentesis and send for urine analysis. Temperature - 101.4 degree Fahrenheit. MM- NAD, PLN- NAD, MLN -NAD. Animal was send home with the following treatment and was asked to come back after 2 days