Wobbling in the hind legs

Animal Dog
Age 12-years-old
Breed German Shepherd
Gender Male

The patient has been neutered and there is no medical history. The patient is taking any medication. I have a question about a patient that is suspected of cauda equina syndrome. The patient visited our clinic complaining of wobbliness starting 4-5 days ago, and dislike being touched around the left hip. It has no proprioception in either hind legs but is able to wobble around. There are no problems in its appetite, defecation or urination. Also, this is probably irrelevant with the chief complaint, but we performed rectal palpation due to a complaint that blood was sometimes seen in stools from a month ago. The examination revealed a small mass of about 5cm on the right side of the rectal mucosa, which we suspect as the source of hemorrhage. We decided to prescribe NSAIDs and see how it goes, suspecting cauda equina syndrome from the breed, symptoms and x-ray images. From the x-ray images, we concluded that the patient had spondylosis and spinal stenosis at L7 and S1. I always wonder where the cut-off line is when diagnosing stenosis, are there any existing criteria? Also, when taking the x-ray pictures we took two different positions; the tail in a normal position and raised upwards. Could you please give us advice on x-ray positioning?

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