Case report on Vaginal prolapse in sow at 114 days of pregnancy.

A pregnant sow (on 114th day of pregnancy) was brought in the clinical complex with a huge mass hanging in the anal region and the sow was very week. Care and management done after being brought in the clinics. 1. Since the sow was about to give birth, it was necessary to save the piglets. It was considered as an emergency case and C- section was performed to take out the piglets( Under anaesthesias). Normal healthy seven alive piglets were taken out. 2. Than the attention was focused in the protruded mass. It was diagnosed as vaginal prolapse with urinary bladder being expelled with vaginal mass. The urinary bladder was filled with urine, which was making the mass huge in size. 3. An IV cannula was use to evacuate the urine from the urinary bladder. 4. After removal of the bladder, the size of the mass was markedly reduced, then the treatment was started. 5. Hyper tonic sugar solution was applied on the prolapsed mass and it was gently put inside, but the vaginal structure was seriously torn and sutures ( 3 catgut was used) were made to integrate the vaginal parts. 6. Retention suture was given( Bhuner’s suture) 7. DNS – 500 ml IV infusion was given to compensate the fluid loss. 8. RL – 500 ml infusion was given to compensate the electrolyte loss. 9. Meronidazole - 100 ml was given to check the infection. 10. Antibiotics- Amoxicilline+ Cloxacilline 11. Methyl ergometrine – as an ecbolic drug to constrict the blood vessels of the uterus so that the bleeding is reduced. 12. Melonex – pain killer 13. Rupitus blous 14. Piglets were given lactogen since the sow is not giving milk

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